Our Member COTEC participated to the First meeting of Stakeholders Advisory Board of EUIPO

Our Portuguese Member COTEC has represented European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME at the First Meeting of the Stakeholder Advisory Board for Alternative Dispute Resolution of the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Digitalisation had a far-reaching impact on businesses in general as it puts a strong demand for innovation. Small and Medium-sized companies are particularly affected as they have to keep up with the demand for innovation while having to be more careful on how they use their resources. Furthermore, because of the intrinsic nature of digital innovation, the risk of Intellectual property (IP) being stolen or used without permission has increased, which, when it happens, requires engaging further resources in litigation to protect one's products and processes.

The EU Intellectual Property Organisation has recognised that this process puts too big a burden on the shoulders of SMEs, which are not necessarily in the best position to withstand the pressure. To respond to this issues, it encourages the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution, which means to offer alternative mechanism for the protection of Intellectual Property besides legal litigation.

For this purpose, the organisation has set up a Stakeholder Advisory Board on the topic, which met for the first time on October 28-29 in Alicante. We are delighted to say that European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME has been invited to join this body as full member. Our Portuguese member COTEC, represented by its Director for Legal, Fiscal and Public Affairs, Mrs. Susana Barahona Ferreira, kindly accepted to participate to this first meeting of the SAB in Alicante.


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