​ Joint forces for Europe's Mittelstand

European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME (Confédération Européenne des Associations de Petites et Moyennes Entreprises) as a Brussels-based business federation actively acts for the interests of all its members, building up a network of important relationships with European decision makers. Direct contact to those who can take decision for Europe's economy, and set rules that directly impacts the potentials of millions of European SMEs is a crucial aspect of our policy advocay and public relations strategy.

In first row, the extraordinary contacts and relationship management of our president, Mr. Mario Ohoven, with stakeholders not only in Germany, but at EU level and of various national governments in the world, is a key driver for our success as confederation.

Secondly, our commitment to monitor crucial themes like energy policy, digital agenda or access to finance, to elaborate best practices and to propose solutions for our member entrepreneurs in various forums and committees is step by step more able to receive attention from policy making levels, as well as inside the administrative structure of the European Commission.

And finally, all members' engagement on national as well as international level, contributes to strengthen the voice of our more than 1 Million of our represented enterprises, the core of Europe's Mittelstand.


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