European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME President Ohoven at the Launch of "Re-Imagine Europa"

The president of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, Mr. Mario Ohoven participated on April 11th to the Launch Event of President Giscard d’Estaing’s initiative “Re-Imagine Europa” at the European Parliament, hosted by EP-Vice-president Rainer Wieland.

President Giscard d’Estaing has invited Mr. Ohoven to join the Re-Imagine Europa Advisory Board as the leading representative of European SMEs, together with high level personalities like former Prime Ministers Wim Kok (NL) and Enrico Letta (I), former EP-Presidents Hans-Gerd Pöttering (D) and Jerzy Buzek (PL), the President of the European Youth Forum Luis Alvarado, or the Europe Correspondent of NRC Handelsblad Caroline de Gruyter, and Sociology Professor Manuel Castells.

The Mission of Re-Imagine Europa is to reinforce Europe’s role as a global economic power in the 21st Century, able to safeguard a prosperous future of peace, freedom and social justice for all its citizens.

This mission is fully supported by European Entrepreneurs: “To Re-Imagine Europe can only be done in the right way and successfully, if it involves actively the more than 23 million of small and medium-sized businesses in Europe”, said president Ohoven. He also pointed out that, although it might still take more time to unify Europe, we need “more good policies by the EU to accompany the Europeans on this way: policies that respect the national situations, cultural traditions and histories, but that make Europe a good opportunity to go beyond, a better chance, and step by step open more of these chances”.

We need more Europe”, is the strong message that Mr. Ohoven sent to the approx. 200 Members of the European Parliament and guests from society and economy that gathered at the event.

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