Estonian Entrepreneurs join CEA-PME!

European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME stronger with EVEA SME association from Estonia.

After an intense co-operation and exchange between entrepreneurs of EVEA and BVMW (the latter from the area of Magdeburg, thanks to Mr. Peter Martini!), and visits of Mr. Ohoven in Tallin, as well as Ms. Kracht in Berlin, both presidents decided to unite forces. At the beginning of February 2016, EVEA's executive committee decided to join European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME.

This co-operation led already to a high-level exchange of experiences on Digitalisation of the economy and e-Government, during our annual assembly 2015 in Berlin, as well as lately in Berlin at BVMW's annual reception, when Estonia's Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas spoke in front of more than 3.000 BVMW members about his country's achievements in this field.

Furthermore EVEA joined also our EU-Project MobiliseSME, involving also Estonian enterprises into the testing of a mobility scheme like ERASMUS for SME employees.

All this is very promising for a common future in our confederation! Welcome / Tere tulemast EVEA!

EVEA-President Ms. Kersti Kracht (2nd from left) and EVEA Managing Director Mr. Raivo Altmets (3rd from left), with BVMW Head of the Management Board Mr. Alexander Bojanowsky (1st from left) and BVMW Head of European and Political Affairs Mr. Patrick Meinhardt (right).


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