CEA-PME dialogues with SME-Intergroup of the EP

On January 19th, CEA-PME representatives met with MEP Othmar Karas at his offices in the European Parliament. Mr. Karas, an Austrian representative of the European People's Party, is since last year the president of the SME-Intergroup of the European Parliament, that gathers MEPs of all parliamentarian groups which are engaged in promoting SME-friendly EU-policies. This group meets regularly with representatives of SME confederations and SME stakeholders, in order to receive feedback from them on the Parliament's and all EU-institutions' activities.

During the meeting, to which Mr. Patrick Meinhardt, BVMW Co-director for Politics and Europe, and in charge of cooperating with CEA-PME, Ms. Friederike Zimmermann, the BVMW officer in charge of European policies, and Mr. Stefan Moritz, Managing Director of CEA-PME participated, Mr. Karas offered to our confederation to involve us regularly in such a dialogue, and to include our representatives into the mailing list of the SME-Intergroup. This will allow to European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME to actively contribute to a better legislative and political environment for SMEs.


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