CEA-PME calls to European SMEs to vote for those candidates that support European entrepreneurs in the European elections 2019

European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME calls to all European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to vote for the European Elections 2019: we must choose those candidates that propose good polices for European entrepreneurs!

SMEs are the backbone of the European economy: out of 23 million registered enterprises in the EU, 99.8% are small and medium-sized companies. They train 80% of skilled workers and they employ 60% of them. They create 2/3 of the European wealth.

But SMEs are also more than 50% of the voters: together with their partners, families and employees, they include about 200 million voters!

That means SMEs, Europe's creative and productive class, can decide the majority in the next European Parliament!

Vote for a Europe that thinks small first! Vote for SMEs!

You can discover our Video Messages and Policy Positions here:



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