DG CONNECT wants to know your point of view on broadband development in the EU after 2020

The Head of Unit B5 "Broadband" of DG CONNECT, Ms. Anna Krzyzanowska, invited European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME to know our point of view on broadband development in the EU after 2020.

And we were happy to deliver this point of view: on Oct. 21st 2015 Ms. Valerie Guimard, European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME's Vice-president (of AFDEE/France), Mr. Patrick Meinhardt (designated CEA-PME Board Member, and Member of the Management Board of BVMW) and Mr. Stefan Moritz (Managing Director of CEA-PME) met with Ms. Krzyzanowska and her colleagues, Mr. Fabio Nasarre-De Letosa and Mr. Herve Dupuy.

We were asked to assess together with DG CONNECT the situation of the broadband development up to now and formulate our interests for a better access to data and networks for our members in the future.

The main concern of European Entrepreneurs is the exclusion of minor cities and rural areas from the access to next generation broadband networks, as the current situation already shows how these areas are continuously lagging behind in internet access, and many SMEs re-locate, leaving rurals areas without jobs. The big telecom companies and Internet Service Providers do not see the necessity to invest more into these areas, given the low return on investment they expect. This will not improve in the near future.

That leads to our proposal to involve SMEs on local level (maybe also with the help of EU-funds, as the "Juncker Package" for structural investments) in order to build, manage and maintain local access streams in cooperation with public administrations. The EU must guarantee for the connection of these local data pipelines to the bigger data highways.

High speed and quality in internet access is already and will be always more an important competition factor, especially for SMEs that very often operate in less populated areas of Europe.

Ms. Krzyzanowska and her colleagues invited our member-SMEs to participate to the public consultation of the EU on this subject, presenting as much as possible concrete stories of problems with and the effects of bad internet connections. This will be a very important way to contribute to a more decisive position of the EU and in negotiations with telecom companies and ISPs.

Please upload to this consultations your experiences and tell them your opinion: http://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/news/public-consultation-needs-internet-speed-and-quality-beyond-2020


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