Austrian and Slovenian Entrepreneurs join CEA-PME

We are happy to announce that on Jan. 1st 2018 two national federations of voluntarily-associated SMEs have joined the European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME: The Österreichischer Gewerbeverein (ÖGV) from Austria and the Slovenian Business Club (SBC) from Slovenia, the latter joining as an Observing Member.

The ÖGV, the Austrian entrepreneurs’ association, was founded in 1839 and is the oldest representation of business interests in Austria, probably the oldest in Europe. Its main objective is to connect entrepreneurs out of all branches and their interests above party lines and religious denomination. An efficient framing of economic activities serves as the basis for a free enterprise system and, for that reason, the ÖGV strives for free competition and a predictable political set-up to assure income, growth and freedom.

The Slovenian Business Club (SBC) unites successful Slovenian SMEs who started their entrepreneurial path with their own idea or have become the heirs of their family’s businesses. The lean organisational structure enables the Club to respond quickly and make fast decisions, which makes for a great advantage in respect to numerous Slovenian associations. Most of the entrepreneurs in the Club are well known in Slovenia and that is why the influence in Slovenia of the member companies goes far beyond their mere number.

Looking forward to a good cooperation we warmly welcome both associations and all their members!


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