Against an European Unemployment insurance

All European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME members approved on Nov. 8th unanimously a Petition of BVMW to the General Assembly that rejects all plans elaborated in 2014 by the leaving EU-Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs, Mr. Laszlo Andor, for a European unemplyment insurance, in form of a solidarity system between national social security systems.

The petition states the following:

"European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME believe it has a responsibility to support young generations on the way to a successful future. The introduction of a European unemployment insurance does not solve the structural problems of the crisis countries, however, and is therefore rejected. The core of the crisis is due to rigid labor markets and inefficient state apparatus. To distribute differently the burdens of unemployment by an European redistribution mechanism does not change the difficult employment situation.

Instead, European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME suggest European labor market reforms, coupled with investment in vocational education and training. To accomplish this task, the SMEs are dependent on modern and flexible labor markets, as well as on EU support for the training of professional workers and employees. The EU is at a crossroads: Now is the chance to set the course for a successful future."

This resolution was later on noticed to the DG Employment and Social Affairs, that reacted on our position, by taking into account CEA-PME's opinion, and explaining that no concrete steps have yet been undertaken by the member states towards such an insurance system.


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