The Hungarian SME Association PÁTOSZ Works As The Bridge Connecting Companies and Public Sector

A member of CEA-PME since 2011, PÁTOSZ is a nonprofit association of SMEs established in 2004 in Hungary when the country joined the EU.

Its founding members are SMEs specialized in helping other small and medium-sized companies develop by helping them get funding (grants and loans), prepare offers for public procurement, do accounting, set up project management, and more. Later on, the association opened up to other sectors and by now its members span across different areas, including a relevant presence of the high-tech industry (software developers, IT companies etc...).

As a member of many exclusive committees looking after the support to SMEs, the association is in the perfect position to be the bridge between small and medium-sized companies and the public sector.

PÁTOSZ is honored to have been chosen as a representative of civil society for the GINOP Monitoring Committee. It is a public committee which monitors at macro level the EU funds managed by the Hungarian government for the economic development of the country, including supporting SMEs. It is also honored of being a member in the “Development Project Managers” restricted forum where the relevant State policy makers can consult with the most important developer organizations in the sector of funding grants for SME development. This consulting body was previously run by the Prime Minister’s Office, and afterwards by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

The association cooperates with the most important players of the SME sector like the Budapest Economic and Industry Chambers of Commerce and with similar bodies in other countries. It also cooperates with other prestigious SME associations.

Thanks to its broad network and strong reputation with SME and public sector alike, PÁTOSZ organizes 3 to 5 informative events per year aimed at SMEs. Here they invite the best experts and representatives on the issue being discussed e.g. funding organizations, ministries, banks, etc...

In 2019 it hosted a conference on digitalization in cooperation with the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and also a high-tech conference with the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as with other associations. Earlier they prepared the text of a brochure supported by the National Development Agency on “How to get grants?” which was published in 1,2 million copies and distributed for free.

PÁTOSZ is organized through a Supervisory Board (composed by three prestigious professionals). The management is done by the Presidium (Board) of three members (senior experts), a Committee of Ethics and several working committees. The General Assembly is the highest forum for decisions.

The association is also present at international events and is active in the consortium of EU funded international projects.

Imre Maróczi, President of PÁTOSZ, with the new Hungarian Minister of Justice Ms Judit Varga and Péter Futó, President of the Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists


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