Take the DataSkills4SMEs Survey - Let Us Know How We Can Help Your Team Acquire Needed Data Skills

How can we help your team train their data skills? Take our survey and let us know

The EU-financed project DataSkills4SMEs wants to help SMEs in Europe to become well acquainted with data skills that make for an efficient and easy use of the modern technologies inside companies for paperless offices and highest quality standards.

We want to develop innovative learning tools for the employees of SMEs, in order to deal properly with advanced data management linked to digital transformation and the related need to continuously upskill and reskill workers, empowering them to be ready for the future.

To fulfil its mission of helping SMEs to have teams fully trained in how to use data technologies, DataSkills4SMEs has launched its online survey for companies: “Identifying Digital Capabilities in SMEs”. The purpose of this survey is to let us know more about their needs concerning data technologies, including of course which of skills and trainings would be most required by their teams.

Do you work from home during the emergency COVID-19 crisis and you urgently need to improve the digital skills in order to work smarter?

Are you managing or employed at solo/micro/small/medium sized enterprise?

If yes, please fill in this anonymous survey to help us better understand the digital capabilities of the company you work at.

The DataSkills4SMEs survey analysis will guide us to tailor free online and offline courses that can potentially improve the digital capacity at your company.


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