SESCA: A New Beginning.

SESCA (Self Employed and Small Companies Association) is an association based in Barcelona that defends the interests of the self-employed and SMEs, represented in Europe as a member of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME. It was founded in late 2016 by Ramon Masià, who is the President of the association.

Motivated by more and more support by companies in Catalunya and Spain, last month the board received the Managing Director of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, Mr. Stefan Moritz (manager of CEA-PME) at SESCA’s head-office, for a brainstorming. Hence we are working on a new strategy for developing SESCA.

After our meeting, we decided to focus on the following points:

    -Getting the message out the right way and redefining SESCA by reaching the right people, creating the right story and spreading the message the right way.

    -Getting the structures right by establishing a model for professional management and harnessing the energies of members and agents by creating special taskforces.

    -Getting the funding right by planning the commercial and marketing strategy from membership income, event tickets, sponsorship packages, government grants, etc.

    -Getting the offer and services for members right by negotiating and signing agreements with suppliers and stakeholders, involving them, as part of the association.

The main objectives of SESCA are promoting and defending the self-employed and SMEs providing them with tools and knowledge, networking, creating synergies, scheduling events, facilitating access to new business and finance and a lot more actions aligned with the commitment of the association.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about us!


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