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European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME Slovenian Member, SBC - the Slovenian Business Club, unites the best Slovenian entrepreneurs, the ones who started on their business path on their own and through their own efforts developed propulsive and successful export-oriented companies. The Club brings together 202 top members that are joined in their efforts for business excellence, follow the values of ethical business operation, make mutual fellowship a reality, and are bound to the mission to improve the business environment in Slovenia.

Due to their high added value and knowledge, members of the SBC – the Slovenian Business Club, including numerous family small and medium-sized companies, are established players on the most demanding and competitive world markets. They are the backbone of the fast-growing and explicitly export-oriented Slovenian economy which, due to its know-how and the quality of products and services, is an important partner to many of the biggest European and world economies.ds.

The best Slovenian export companies and true niche champions are gathered in SBC – the Slovenian Business Club. Their know-how and solutions can be found in the offer and products of the world’s best companies; they are trusted by BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, General Motors, Franke, Scania, ABB, Volvo, Boeing, NASA, IKEA, Samsung, Panasonic, Honeywell, and many others known around the globe. Did you know that in Kočevje, a small town in Slovenia, there is the centre of Yaskawa’s production of smart industry robots for the European market? The Japanese multinational company makes no less than 10 thousand smart robots a year in Slovenia. According to the guidelines of industry 4.0, the state-of-the-art machines by Polycom send technological products for the global automotive industry from their smart store into the world top. Their products can be found in every second car in the world. Undoubtedly you will have heard of the Akrapovič company, the producer of high-tech exhaust systems for the world’s biggest car and motorbike brands, with which racers win the most prestigious competitions, from MotoGP to the most demanding off-road races around the world.

Members of the SBC – the Slovenian Business Club are experts in different fields of smart specialisation. Their exceptional solutions are present in all crucial areas of industry, everything from e-mobility, smart homes, and advanced industrial products to green and creative industries, smart factories, and exceptionally precise measuring systems. You can find business partners – members of the SBC, the Slovenian Business Club – and their fields of smart specialisation with the help of an advanced search engine at: If you have any additional questions regarding your search for business partners, please write to: and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

One of the key activities of SBC – the Slovenian Business Club has an international focus which is reflected in close collaboration with similar associations, such as the German BVMW, CEA-PME European Entrepreneurs German Member, and the Swiss Economiesuisse, which represent the interests of the best companies in two top economies of the world and with which the Club regularly exchanges best practices, experience, and knowledge as well as organising joint business events. This way, SBC – the Slovenian Business Club members ensure that they maintain business and partnership connections with the best in the world through international interest links.

More information about the Club is available at the SBC’s international website If you would like more information about the companies and members of the SBC – the Slovenian Business Club, or if you are interested in cooperating with them, please do not hesitate to write to:



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