Our New Turkish Member ODTÜ TEKNOKENT is a Technology Development Zone

Being the first and the most innovative technopark of Turkey, ODTÜ TEKNOKENT’s goal is to provide a contemporary infrastructure and superstructure to the researchers and companies that develop and produce the technologies which will elevate the international competitiveness of the country. Based upon its activities to facilitate university-industry collaboration, ODTÜ TEKNOKENT is the catalyst for real synergy between these parties.

Occupying a prominent place in the world, especially among technoparks established within a university, ODTÜ TEKNOKENT looks ahead into new horizons and takes firm steps towards being an internationally renowned technology ecosystem where new technologies are developed in the cooperation between academia and the private sector and then sold in global markets with high added value.

With its more than 400 tenant companies, 70% of which were initiated in its premises and employ more than 8.500 personnel, 90% of which have bachelor, master or PhD degrees, ODTÜ TEKNOKENT has undersigned exemplary success stories to serve as a model for other technoparks in Turkey.

The companies that are operating at ODTÜ TEKNOKENT are involved in R&D activities in software and information technologies (50%), electronics (20%), mechanics and design (15%), medical technologies (6%), energy and environment (6%) and advanced materials, agriculture, food, aviation and space, automotive that account for the remaining 3% altogether.

ODTÜ TEKNOKENT companies have managed, with the projects that they have executed and the products they have developed, to secure various prestigious awards at home and abroad such as design awards awarded by the Bureau of European Design Associations, World Communication Awards, Technology Awards awarded by the TÜBİTAK, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and Deloitte Technology Fast 50 awards.

These companies have so far contributed, through income they have generated in R&D projects, to the Turkish economy with an amount of more than 17 billion TL, with export income of more than 1.4 billion USD.

ODTÜ TEKNOKENT has been designed and planned as a high quality life space where researchers, engineers, software developers and all other people involved spend most of their time during the day developing and executing projects basically in the fields of research and technology development and software production. Projects are also in progress to enhance the communication in order to enrich the social life in the zone, to improve the environmental quality and to provide the employees an ever-better enjoyable life space.


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