Mobilise SMEs Again Series: Training in Body Care Between Spain and Italy

The re-opening of a MobiliseSME call for exchanges of employees through Mobilise SMEs Again has attracted many companies to express their interest as they see all the benefits that a training-oriented exchange with a company in another country offers.

CEA-PME has received requests from a mix of companies that were new to the MobiliseSME’s concept and companies who had already experienced first-hand the many great perks of this Erasmus-like program for SMEs.

One such company was the beauty salon in Formentera SeAma, which once again hosted experienced trainers from the Italian firm Gruppo Dorsi. The trainers, with years of experience in body care and customer service, have formed SeAma’s staff in the latest techniques of the sector, while also explaining how guiding the client provides a unique added value.

We were joined by Emanuele D’Angella, owner and manager of SeAma, and by Sabrina Dalla Fiore, one of the trainers from Dorsi Group who had already visited during the original MobiliseSME project, for an interview about their experience.

Dear Emanuele, Dear Sabrina, thank you for joining us. Tell us, how did you decide to do an exchange together?

EdA: I had learned about MobiliseSME back in 2017, when we joined in an exchange with Gruppo Dorsi from Varese, which we had met through the MobiliseSME Matchmaking Platform. Once we saw the program had opened again, we immediately thought we had to take this opportunity given the great results from our first exchange.

SdF: I am a member of the “Beauty” team at Gruppo Dorsi, i.e. I work in the aesthetic sector. I have been doing this for thirty-five years and, as I have now acquired some specialisation in body care and the training skills related to it, I accepted to join in an exchange to teach, both through theory and practice, SeAma’s team about it with the purpose of providing them with further professional qualifications.

What was your objective for the exchange? What did you want to get out of it?

SdF: Our objective was to make the team more aware of the high-quality tools at their disposal here at the salon, which, to provide their full benefits, require a combination of applied technical treatments during the sessions but also a coaching of the clients for their own self-care. Let’s say that, as we want to offer an integrated approach to the client, the team had to be taught both the techniques themselves but also how to be beauty routine consultants when interacting with the customers.

EdA: From the point of view of an activity like mine, which is seasonal and where the staff can change every year, the need to have consistency in the quality of the services is paramount. That means our new staff must always be trained to our methods and philosophy and being able to tap into the skills and experience of a seasoned professional like Sabrina is invaluable.

How do you feel you have benefited from this experience?

SdF: Once again it was a great experience to be here. I received a very warm welcome from the staff and the team was extremely receptive to the training. They were ready to absorb all the information and I could clearly see them grow professionally in these two weeks, which, as a mentor, made me very proud.

EdA: On my side, we wanted Sabrina to be in the best position to do her job. As a manager I could really see the real sense of satisfaction from my team in receiving such a high-quality training. We often talk about the importance of forming employees, but they really see the difference once you make that happen for real. And it provides real added value, as it will make us very competitive during the high season here in Formentera. When people have the right competences, they can deliver results of a whole other quality, and that is already a great success for me.

Any final remarks?


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