Mobilise SMEs Again Series: Developing a New Marketing Software Between Romania and France

Since when the possibility to do a MobiliseSME exchange has reopened through the Mobilise SMEs Again call, lots of companies have applied as they see many different opportunities in having one of their employees do a cross-border exchange with other companies abroad.

Some of them see it as the chance to give or receive specialised training, some to increase their expertise in specific sectors, some as a way to develop a presence in new markets and some see it as valuable in the prospective of placing new products and services on the market.

This is the case for the company DemoPubli in France, which is currently working to develop and test a new marketing software based on self-generating adverts, audience analytics and augmented reality. The company manager, Gaston Moubitang, realised that doing an exchange with another company abroad with significant expertise in producing market-tailored software would be a very good step forward to reach this goal. So he decided to partner up with the Romanian company De France Informatica, directed by Jeremy de France, with whom he had already worked in the past.

The applied for a Mobilise SMEs Again exchange and we can hear from them how the experience is going and what is delivering.

Dear Gaston, Dear Jeremy, thank you for joining us. Tell us, how did you decide to do an exchange together?

GM: Two years ago I did an Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs with Jeremy. As soon as I saw that a new MobiliseSME call for exchanges, Mobilise SMEs Again, was open, I thought it would be great to work with him again, so I contacted him, and we applied to do an exchange together.

JdF: As he explained, I had occasion to collaborate with Gaston a few years ago. The possibility to work together again came at a very good time in terms of timing as I am now helping young Romanian entrepreneurs to develop their ideas into concrete projects.

This put me in an even more favourable position to help him and, as I found the approach of MobiliseSME very interesting, I decided to go through with an exchange to provide him with some training on how to transform his many ideas for a new software into a reality.

What was your objective for the exchange? What did you want to get out of it?

JdF: My objective here is to help Gaston to succeed in developing a marketable software. I have some skills I have gained through fifteen years of experience in the sector, so I can help him with the specifications and the direction he wants to take. There are some very interesting ideas he is working on, like computer vision.Of course time is short, but I will be very happy when this product will be on the market.

I do this as I believe in supporting young talents but, of course, who knows? There might be changes to become business partners or at least work more closely in the future.

GM: My main objective was to receive tailored advice and get a testing environment for my new software. Since when we started discussing this product a few years ago, the market and the state-of-the-art technologies have changed, and the advice and knowledge that Jeremy can provide me with is essential for success. It is very important to have this experience through MobiliseSME before I put my product out in the market.

We have identified three clear phases aimed to reach this goal: to finalise ideas through brainstorming, to test the software and then to network with business actors here in Romania to start preparing the market.

How do you feel you are benefiting from this experience?

GM: It is indeed already delivering. We have started working on this product a few months ago. But the MobiliseSME exchange has been the best part until now, as we work shoulder to shoulder to test it. Working together in person makes a lot of difference.

JdF: We indeed started working together on this product at the time we signed our Tripartite Agreement, so that we would not have to start from zero when Gaston would get here. It is a short time, so we are really trying to make the best of it.

Any final remarks?


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