ÖGV Celebrates the "Unternehmer des Jahres" of 2019

The Austrian trade association and European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME Member Österreichischer Gewerbeverein - ÖGV (1839) and Coca-Cola (1929) joined to celebrate their anniversaries honouring three outstanding entrepreneurs as “Unternehmer des Jahres”: Bettina Breiteneder, whose company provides 155 garages in Austria and Europe as BIP Garages' largest supplier in Austria, Till Reiter, owner of the famous “Ludwig Reiter Shoe Factory" based in Vienna and Didi Tunkel, inventor and organiser of the largest students travel and event agency in the country by far.

ÖGV has been connecting entrepreneurs and their interests since 1839. As a “harbour” for entrepreneurial women and men, it is committed to the core values of business ethics. The associations goal remains to empower value-oriented and sustainably-managed - ie. good - entrepreneurship in Austria and in Europe.

For decades, the ÖGV award recognizes the sustainability of an entrepreneurial activity, the active promotion of entrepreneurship and the overall performance of the awardees.

Proud bearers of this award include Wolfgang Porsche (cars), Josef Zotter (chocolate), Michael Doppelmayer (funiculars), Carl Manner (world famous Mannerschnitte) and many more.

Photogallery of the Award Ceremony:


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