First European Cybersecurity Seminar

On the 14th and 15th July 2017, European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, together with its Member SESCA, organised in Astorga the First European Cybersecurity Seminar aimed at small and medium-sized companies.

CEA-PME European Entrepreneurs believes this is a core topic of interest for SMEs in this day and age. The digital revolution transforms more and more processes also for SMEs. The use of the internet, of software and of automatized procedures are a steady reality and require constant improvements, in terms of skills and investments.

A competitive company today can only remain as such if it is aware which risks might arise, from simple viruses up to theft of industrial secrets, and what they could cost. Storage in the cloud, attacks on mobile devices, the proliferation of malware, and other piracy activities are the cause of worries for all companies worldwide as they become increasingly interconnected.

Moreover, the European Directive on Data Protection entered into force on the 24th May 2016, and it shall apply from 25th May 2018. Adopting measures to preserve the privacy of data, the compulsory reporting of intrusions through safety gaps and the continuous training of CTOs will force SMEs to substantially invest in cyber-security.

This event aimed at helping the representatives of attending companies to come to a good understanding of these challenges and it did so by providing answers to the following questions:

Which threats are they exposed to?

Which information or data should be protected and how?

Which minimum Technical Support and Training is to be provided to companies?

How will these changes affect their Profit and Loss accounts?

Can they expect to receive any Public Funds?

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