European Entrepreneurs Launches the SME Business Club for the European Defence Fund

As probably the first European Confederation of SME Associations, European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME has launched on May 29th in Budapest the foundation of an "SME Business Club for the European Defence Fund (EDF)", which will allow European SMEs with high-tech content and services to access very interesting opportunities!

During the event organised together with PÁTOSZ, our Hungarian member association lead by Imre Maroczi, at the Budapest Chamber of Commerce, approx. 60 companies gathered to learn about the mechanisms of the newly established Fund. The EU Member States decided in 2017, thanks to the non-veto by the UK after the Brexit referendum, to establish a new fund to boost defence research and development in Europe. An important clause of this new EDF says that SME must be involved equally as research and development partners as well as in the supply chain. The EDF will be furbished with 13.6 billion Euro from 2018 to 2027, what represents also a great opportunity for SMEs with high-tech content and services.

In February 2019, European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME agreed a cooperation with the Fraunhofer Group for Defence and Security, a cooperation of 7 research and development institutes of the famous Fraunhofer Institutes in Germany. This group of excellence research partners will support SMEs that are members of European Entrepreneurs' SME Business Club for the EDF in participating to the manyfold calls, consortia and projects.

To become members of this Club offers the chance to:
- participate to cross-border consortia of SMEs, Mid-Caps and big players, so to enter important supply chains
- do networking in Europe during an annual EDF Business Forum for SMEs (e.g. Nov. 2019 in Karlsruhe/Germany)
- save money for project proposal elaboration
- receive first hand information from high-level officials and experts
- be supported with policy advocacy that promotes SMEs' ideas and interests in Brussels
- and to boost SMEs' business opportunities: if an SME achieves to obtain only 0.01% of the EDF funds for its company, these are 1.3 Million Euro to develop new products, which are definitely worth… And much more!

The currently running calls under the forerunner programmes of the EDF, the Preparatory Action for Defence research PADR, and the European Defence Industrial Development Programme EDIDP, open until August 28th and 29th, can be a first opportunity to test these new opportunties together with European Entrepreneurs. But the upcoming programmes of the EDF from 2021-27 are still lying ahead and will give the chance to develop products and services which surely will contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the European Mittelstand.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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