EU-DualS Kick-off meeting in Brussels

The project partners of the ERASMUS+ Project "European Dual System", short EU-DualS, have met for the first time in Brussels on 1-2 Oct. 2015, and defined the way for a successful implementation of the project.

After the definite approval of the project in Sept. 2015 and the signature of the grant agreement between the Belgian National Agency "AEF-Europe", that manages ERASMUS+ in Wallonia and Brussels (Belgium) and European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, the project partners summoned in Brussels at our officces to get started with the project that will last until August 2018.

The intention to find a practical model to transfer the German model for professional training also to other EU member states, like Italy (with CONFAPI) and Spain (with ADEGI), will be accompanied with scientific support and methodological help by F-BB, the Research Institute for Professional training from Nuremberg (, and their experts Ms. Aleksandra Poltermann and Dr. Matthias Kohl. ADEGI and CONFAPI will implement a pilot training scheme in collaboration with associate companies and professional schools in Gipuzkoa (Basque County, Spain) and Varese Province (Lombardy, Italy). At the end of this pilot project, 22 apprentices from Italy and Spain (11 each) will be hosted for a 4 weeks internship in German SME, associated to BVMW.

BVMW and European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME will cater for the communication and dissemination on the web and with video tutorials, and organise the final conference in Brussels, in summer 2018.

The next meeting will take place in Nuremberg in spring 2016. Stay tuned for news!


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