ERASMUS+ Project "European Dual System" approved!

The Belgian Agency AEF-Europe, in charge of supervising the ERASMUS+ projects with Belgian Lead Partners has approved the project proposal "European Dual System (EU-DualS)" presented by European Entrepreneuers CEA-PME, CONFAPI, ADEGI, BVMW and F-BB!

The project starting from Sept. 2015 will create and test a transferable model and method for professional training in schools and SMEs, based on the German "Dual System". The Italian and Spanish members of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, CONFAPI and ADEGI, will cooperate with professional schools and their associate companies, testing the transfer of the German model, that assures currently the lowest youth unemployment rate in Europe.

This model will be elaborated and its transfer monitored and evaluated by the experienced Research Institute from Nuremberg F-BB, while the students/apprentices from Spain and Italy will have also the chance to make a short term work experience in German SMEs, associated to BVMW. The same international "Erasmus"-experiences should be added also to the Dual System training programmes in Germany, in order to make apprentices more aware of chances and conditions in other parts of Europe.

This is one concrete action of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME against youth unemployment and lack of qualified workers in Europe.

Let's wish to the partners of this project a great success, in the interest of Europe's Youths!


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