DigitaliseSME - the New EU Project for the Digitalisation of SMEs

We are happy to announce a new EU-funded project whose consortium CEA-PME European Entrepreneurs will be coordinating - DigitaliseSME.

Digitalisation is a key element for the success of any organisation in our world. This is particularly true for companies who need it to stay competitive in the global economy.

DigitaliseSME (Digital Enablers in SMEs: Support for Digitalisation to Enhance SMEs' Capacity to Go International and Innovate) supports the digital transformation of small and medium-sized companies as well as mid-caps in Europe. It connects companies to digital experts, referred to as “Digital Enablers”.

DigitaliseSME wants to help European SMEs face the challenge of digitization by providing them with the tailored support of a Digital Enabler. It will do so by setting up a win-win collaboration between them, where both entities will benefit from participation.

The initiative will make the collaboration of SMEs with Digital Enablers possible and easy by having the latter visit for one month a company in another European country whose need for digitalisation matches their expertise. During this period, the Digital Enabler will help the company to set up and initiate a project that will lead to digitize processes, products and services.

Companies, specifically SMEs and Mid-caps, will have a unique chance to stay competitive. Digital Enablers will have the chance to join an EU-funded project that supports their sector and can provide them with visibility and strengthen their reputation.

Partners from all over Europe joined and shared the vision of a program for the digitalisation of SMEs. The project consortium is mainly composed by European digital innovation hubs.

The partners of DigitaliseSME are Digital Innovation Hubs in Germany (Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Berlin), Romania (Iceberg - AltBrasov), Spain (FUNDECYT-PCTEX), the Netherlands (PhotonDelta) and Czech Republic (CzechInno), under the leadership of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME.

DigitaliseSME is a "Pilot Project" that has been requested by the European Parliament – that means the results of the project could provide the basis to develop a broader EU program or measure in the future.

The project has already been presented at 4th EU-Workshop of Digital Innovation Hubs in Brussels on the 2nd of July. The event was attended by EU policy-makers, entrepreneurs, digital experts and representatives of European digital innovation hubs. The idea met interest and support and many attendants are looking forward to contribute to the project.

You can learn more about DigitaliseSME here

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