CEA-PME Annual Assembly 2014 in Rome

European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME have celebrated its annual General Assembly from November 7th to 9th 2014 in Rome. Organised by CONFAPI, the meeting took place in Rome's Chamber of Commerce and Industry near the Hadrian's Temple in the centre of Rome.

Before the first session on friday afternoon a delegation CEA-PME representatives had the opportunity to meet with the German Ambassador to the Holy See, Ms. Annette Schavan, which welcomed its guests in her residence.

On friday afternoon CONFAPI's President, Mr. Maurizio Casasco, gave his welcome greetings to the representatives of the General Assembly and in particular to former EU-Commissioner Antonio Tajani, now Vice-president of the EU-Parliament, to Mr. Corrado Passera, former CEO of the Italian bank IMI Sanpaolo and Minister for Economic Development in the Monti government, as well as to Massimo Mucchetti of the ruling Democratic party, president of the Italian Senate's Commission for Economy, Industry and Tourism. After a keynote speech of CEA-PME president Mr. Mario Ohoven, the 3 guests illustrated the Italian and European achievements in policies for SMEs, offering their advice and support to CEA-PME in its strategic objectives.

Saturday 8th of Nov. was dedicated to the General Assembly works, where Mr. Stefan Moritz was introduced as new Managing Director that reported about the activities in 2014 to the members and gave an outlook on what is planned for 2015. In the afternoon were presented thematic issues, regarding SME-financing, the Italian government's and BVMW's Digital Agenda for SMEs, deployment of workers between one country and another (best practice from IPP Poland), as one way to tackle lack of qualified workers and youth unemployment in a European dimension, as well as an outlook on EU programmes for SMEs in different fields of interest.

An important aspect of this year's assembly was the welcoming of the new member association ADEGI from Basque Country (E), which decided in October 2014 to join the confederation. And not less important was the fact, that IPP, the Polish Chamber of Employers, member of CEA-PME since several years, decided to renew its engagement in our confederation after some years of pause.


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