BVMW Presented "Mittelstand Transformers" – How SMEs Can Use Business Model Innovation for their Benefit

The Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center Berlin – Gemeinsam digital, part of the network of our German Member BVMW – held its latest information event on digitalisation. The topic of the event was: "The Business Ideas of the Future". With more than 200 entrepreneurs attending, they dedicated an evening to the question of how SMEs can make their business model future-proof and break up old ways of thinking.

Dominik Grau from the publisher Der Tagesspiegel explained how his company adapted their business model to the digital age. One of the most important lessons of this process was not to focus their thinking on products, but on users and specifically on their target groups. To find the right solution, they used focus groups and interviews with experts to determine what are the users' expectations and needs towards media products.

Another highlight of the evening was the keynote speech by Prof. Ulrich Weinberg of the HPI School of Design Thinking, who gave participants a glimpse of the world of Design Thinking. “Teamwork is more productive than individual work. This is as true for the German educational system as it is for the German economy”, said Prof. Weinberg. He plead for more collaboration so SMEs can benefit more from digitalisation.

In addition to the keynotes, participants were able to experience digital solutions for SMEs at the Gemeinsam digital showroom.

Gemeinsam digital is part of Mittelstand-Digital. With Mittelstand-Digital the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy supports digitalisation in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Learn more about Gemeinsam digital here.

Photogallery of the Event (Copyright "© Nils Hasenau; "):


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