ADEGI Opens Fabrika Nueva Cultura as a Centre for the Transformation of Corporate Culture

A new corporate culture is the journey that our Spanish Member ADEGI (Asociación de empresas de Gipuzkoa) located in the Basque Country in northern Spain began in 2009. It responds to the desire and need, felt by companies, to find a new way of understanding and experiencing the work and relationship between the different people who make up the company.

The new company culture is a way of understanding and experiencing the company as a shared project based on trust through communication, transparency and participation in management and results. In this spirit, Fabrika Nueva Cultura is defined as a high-performance international centre for the transformation of corporate culture, an open space for expert and personalised support for companies.

Fabrika will be the physical materialisation that through the construction of a new building developed by the association itself will give visibility to this way of experiencing and doing business. Fabrika is and will be the showcase, the symbol, the flagship of this new company culture.

Fabrika is a project promoted by companies in Gipuzkoa, at the service of all companies, aimed at improving the quality of life of people and workers and their relations, thus increasing the competitiveness and sustainability of companies and as a result the welfare of society.

ADEGI's Executive Committee doing a team-building rowing exercise in the spirit of the new corporate culture


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