The Services E-Card Proposal – Pros and Contras

European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME and ESBA are honoured to host the Lunch-Debate on the possibilities and difficulties related to the EU-Commission’s proposal for a Services E-Card (COM(2016)0824).

The debate will take place on Tuesday, 20 March 2018, from 11.45 to 14.30, at the European Parliament, Room WIB 05M49.

11.45 - Reception of all guests – Flying Lunch buffet

12:15 - Opening by the Chair of the event, Mr. Arne Gericke, MEP (ECR/Freie Wähler, Germany), Member of SME Europe and Member of the EMPL-Committee of the EP

12.20 - Welcoming by Ms. Valérie Guimard, Vice-President of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME and President of AFDEE (F)

12.25 - Ms. Irmfried Schwimann, Deputy Director General DG GROW– The Services E-Card Impact Assessment and answers to major political concerns

12:40 - Replies by the rapporteurs of the EP resolution, the IMCO, ITRE and ECON committees: Anneleen Van Bossuyt (ECR, Chair IMCO, tbc), Catherine Stihler (S&D, Vice-Chair IMCO, tbc),Andreas Schwab (EPP, Coordinator for Services E-Card in IMCO, tbc), Olle Ludvigsson (S&D, ECON, tbc) and Maria Spyraki (EPP, ITRE, tbc), as well as other MEPs

13:10 - Replies by SME representatives, Statements by entrepreneurs, discussion with all guests

13.50 - Wrapping up by Mr. Patrick Gibbels, Secretary General of the European Small Business Alliance ESBA

14:00 - Closing remarks by Mr. Robert Strauss, DG GROW, HoU “Service Policy for Consumers” and by the chair Mr. Arne Gericke

14:15 - End of the lunch debate – networking coffee/dessert

14:30 - End of the event

Moderator: Mr. Stefan Moritz, Managing Director of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME and Head of the EU-Liaison Office of BVMW (D) in Brussels.


After the European Parliament had approved with a resolution in February 2016 the EC’s intention to launch a legislative initiative introducing a `services passport’ aiming to enhance cooperation between home and host Member States and help service-providers operating across borders, DG GROW (lead by Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska), made a public consultation on this purpose and presented in January 2017 the proposal for a regulation of EP and Council (COM(2016)0824), for the introduction of a Services E-Card.

By the end of 2017, the IMCO Committee presented its draft report on this proposal, and the ECON and ITRE Committees their opinions. Already in spring 2017 the EESC, as well as the Austrian and German Federal Parliaments, had formulated their positions.

Many very positive aspects for small service companies in Europe that would get in such way a fairer, i.e. cheaper and easier access to the Single Market, are confronted with many critics and concerns from Member States, certain economic sectors, Trade Unions and Political Parties.

All these deserve an answer - especially now, before the hearing and vote of the European Parliament on the draft for trilogue discussions, on next March 21st and 22nd – in order to safeguard the proposals’ advantages for Europe’s Mittelstand.

Please register here until Tuesday, March 13th 2018, h. 17:00, including your personal data for accreditation at the EP.


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