Leading VET Changes for 2030 - EVBB’s 2019 Conference Will Showcase the Synergies Between VET and Enterprises

The countdown to one of VET’s most important rendezvous on the 2019’s calendar has already started. This year EVBB’s international conference will take place in Bratislava, along the banks of the Danube river, from the 27th to the 29th of June. The focus will be on “Leading VET changes for 2030: co-creation and co-responsibility for a better future”. In tune with the title, the 3-day meeting will be organised in co-operation with two key partners of EVBB: Solidar and CEA-PME European Entrepreneurs.

With its commitment to the interests of civil society, social justice and international cooperation, Solidar will ensure and foster the representation of the civic and social dimension. CEA-PME European Entrepreneurs will bring the contribution of a productive sector characterised by the need of rethinking the secondary school’s system, which must change to show a stronger synergy between the educational end the employment policies in the EU.

Ushered in by EVBB’ and CEA-PME Entrepreneurs’ Presidents, respectively Thiemo Fojkar and Mario Ohoven (tbc), the conference will take off on the 27th morning with a stellar list of keynote speakers including experts in education, EU officials, eminent representatives of the Slovak Republic and spokesmen of the entrepreneurial world.

Following the opening speeches, the conference will start with a panel discussion on smart VET, which aims to be a moment of exchange and interaction among participants. Faithful to a longstanding tradition, the climax of the conference’s first day will be reached with “DIE EUROPA”, a prize awarded every year to a project which has proven to be particularly successful in supporting disadvantaged people and vulnerable groups.

A first in the history of EVBB’s conference, the “Market Place” will be an opportunity for participants to present themselves, showcase their projects, foster synergies and find their ideal partner for starting out new projects and initiatives. A face-to-face discussion on the common strategies to be undertaken following the conference will channel the outcomes of the Market Place on the last day of the conference.

Workshops will be the protagonists the 28th. The discussion facilitated by Dr. Yoel Rothschild from Israel will take an holistic appraoch, which will tackle the issues related to the transition the educational system is nowadays undergoing towards a personalised model and a smart ecosystem. The second workshop, facilitated by Pr. Dolores Sanchez-Bengoa, will focus on strategies to overcome VET’s traditional relegation to a second choice along with all hierarchies and barriers in education. The project of a "Whole Land of Excellent Education" will dominate the debate in the third workshop, which will provide an opportunity to explore further connections between VET and the world of industry.

In the afternoon, the outcomes from the workshops and the panel discussions will be elaborated within the “Bratistlava Declaration”, a position paper including recommendations which will be officially addressed to Slovakian and EU’s policy-makers during what is expected to be one of the highest points of the conference. After the press conference and a closing word from EVBB’s President, participants will be invited to discover the artistic treasures and industrials point of interest around the Slovakian capital.

Whether you are new to the EVBB community or time-honoured member, the conference is a great opportunity to get involved in the VET’s loop.

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