The ERASMUS+ project “European Dual System (EU-DualS)”, that came to a close in August 2018, wanted to test the transfer of the German “Dual System” to other VET training systems in Europe. The EU-DualS partners, led by European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, believed that this approach will create a bridge between professional schools and the job market, integrating students more and more into the work environment.

The project had a preparatory phase to define the guidelines for the transfer. During three workshops, teachers, entrepreneurs and education professionals in the participating countries (Germany, Italy and Spain) investigated hands-on solutions to apply the German Dual System to Italy and Spain, supported by the Research Institute on Professional Training F-BB from Nuremberg (D). The project run a pilot scheme with selected classes in vocational schools in Italy and Spain, aimed at engaging around 50 European students overall from the Technical High-school “Andrea Ponti” in Gallarate (Italy) and the CIFP USURBIL LHII – Usurbilgo Lanbide Eskola in San Sebastián (Spain).

A part of these students then wenteto Germany for a one-month traineeship in small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to gain working experience abroad, like today’s University students with ERASMUS, or former “trekking” craftsmen in the middle-ages.

As the project succeeded in bringing the “proof of principle” that the Dual System can be successfully transferred to other European countries’ VET systems and showed which necessary elements must be implemented for this transfer, European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME and its partners will use this argument to campaign for profound political reforms in professional training.

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